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Revolver Nilcott® Circular Collection

When we founded the company, we hoped for a gradual shift towards more environmentally friendly solutions than those presented by most clothing manufacturers, for whom the term fastfashion has come to be used. We have decided to bury them over time. ,)
Although we have not yet been explicitly involved in ecology, we have gravitated towards different types of "sustainability". However, local production, the use of bio-cotton, etc. are only partial solutions, and often abused in the context of greenwashing.
In addition to our own canon of sustainability, based on a combination of the highest possible product quality and a strong relevant brand, we therefore entered into a collaboration with Niltextile a few years ago, which is probably the most progressive solution currently available.
The result is the 100% recyclable minimalist Never Enough REVOLVER Collection, which we would like to present to you.
At the heart of the collection's solution is the technical material NILCOTT®, which can be reused to produce fabric of the same quality thanks to the molecular recycling method. Molecular recycling is a real revolution in textile recycling. It consists of breaking down the textile material into individual molecules that are reassembled into a chain, like a Lego set that is taken apart and then put back together again.
Integral to this system is a simple, but crucial and groundbreaking rule. You won't throw away our REVOLVER circular collection after years of wear. You will return it to us!
We pass the clothes on to NIL Textile Europe, who turn them back into fabric in their laboratories, from which we make the clothes again. And again. And again.


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